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Animas Valley Institute

Animas Valley Institute's mission is to help individuals re-align their everyday lives with the rhythms and cycles of nature and with their own most deeply-rooted dreams and passions, those found in their souls. They believe that living in alignment with nature and soul leads to the greatest personal fulfillment and the most useful contributions to the world, and, ultimately, creates a sustainable, balanced, and soul-centered society. Animas Valley Institute offers Animas quests and soulcraft programs nationally. They also offer a comprehensive program to train soul initiation guides.


Nature and the Human Soul

Bill Plotkin’s book describes his innovative model of human development, which is guided by nature and soul. Purchases of this book and of Bill’s first book, Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche, through this website, benefit the Animas Valley Institute scholarship fund.


Wilderness Guides Council

A non-profit, membership organization for rites of passage guides dedicated to the concept that wilderness is the root source of our spiritual values, inspiration and healing.


Lost Borders Press

Books by Steven Foster and Meredith Little can be purchased here, as well as books by other rites of passage guides.


Annie Bloom & Niles Hagemann

Programs and personal retreats offered by my co-guide, Annie Bloom, and her husband, Niles Hagemann


Earth’s Echo Explorations

Wilderness journeys, vision quests and personal retreats offered by my co-guide Jade Sherer.


Trebbe Johnson

Vision Arrow

Radical Joy for Hard Times


Sheila Belanger – Soul centered Astrology


Anne Hayden and Shelia Belanger – Northwest Soul Quest


Rebecca Wildbear – Soul Journeys & Yoga Journeys


Mary Marsden – Soul Journeys and Programs


Jim Marsden – Presencing Institute


Doug Van Houten – Soul Guiding